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Hi, I’m Mike! I am a Coach, entrepreneur, author, real estate trainer, and public speaker with strong personal resilience and a deep desire to help others live an extra ordinary life.

Our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee:


If you enroll in our multifamily investment coaching program and are not satisfied with the quality of the program or the results achieved after completing the program, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. You may request a refund within 90 days of completing the program.

We stand behind our program and are committed to providing our customers with exceptional value and satisfaction. Our coaching program is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to succeed in the multifamily investment business.

As a active, paid coaching client, to take advantage of our money back guarantee you would be expected to have upheld the following standards during the program:

Commitment: You should be committed to the coaching process and actively participate in the program. This includes attending all scheduled sessions, completing assigned tasks, completely filling in your journal and exercises, and being open and honest with your coach.

Accountability: You should be willing to take responsibility for your actions and decisions. This means setting goals and being accountable for making progress towards them. You should also be open to feedback and willing to make adjustments as needed.

Relationships: You will be required to make three (3) new connection per week to build your network, team and passive investor connections

Opportunities: After you develop a market and property buying strategy. You will be required to source 5 opportunities during the 90-days.

Respect: You should treat your coach and fellow clients with respect and professionalism. This includes being punctual, attentive, and courteous during coaching sessions.

Underwriting/Analyzing: You will be required to have a clear understanding of the underwriting process.

Confidentiality: You should maintain the confidentiality of all information shared during coaching sessions. This includes respecting the privacy of your fellow clients and refraining from discussing their personal information with others.

Ethics: You should adhere to ethical standards in all aspects of the coaching relationship. This includes refraining from engaging in any unethical or illegal behavior.

By upholding these standards, you can maximize the benefits of your coaching experience and achieve your goals with the guidance and support of your coach.


My Approach

  • Prioritizing Personal development
  • Relationship, networking, and team building
  • Locating and sourcing deals
  • Exit planning to maximize any property’s profit deal evaluation
  • Contract and negotiations
  • Financing, due diligence/Closing
  • Operations/management
  • Develop and implement a personally designed Blueprint to simplify your business foundation to provide long-term perpetual wealth.
  • Mindset Goal Setting & Clarity Strategy.
  • One-one-hour group underwriting class, includes a tool to skillfully underwrite any deal.
  • One year of access to the Deal Finder program. This program will help you locate and source the best multi-family properties in your market.
  • One year access to the Due-Diligence Workshop.
  • Personalized Guidance on Building your team and key alliances.


    • Author of Exit Plan
    • Founder/CEO of My Core Intentions
    • Host of Insider Secrets Podcast
    • Real Estate Trainer/Personal Coach

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