Hi, I’m Mike! I am a Coach, entrepreneur, author, real estate trainer, and public speaker with strong personal resilience and a deep desire to help others live an extra ordinary life.

Group Coaching

Join my redesigned virtual group coaching program and start achieving financial freedom and achieving generational wealth today?

It has been said that doing the same thing over and over will only get you the same results. Is it time for a change?

Every call is focused in on a specific topic to help you learn 

  • Personal development 
  • Goal setting business planning and mindset
  • Relationship, networking, and team building 
  • Locating and sourcing  the best deals 
  • Contracts and negotiations
  • Exit planning to maximize profit 
  • Market traps and underwriting 
  • Financing & due diligence 
  • Closing 
  • Operations/management 

Develop and implement a personally designed Blueprint to simplify your business foundation to provide long-term perpetual wealth.

All this for a monthly investment of only $47 

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1. Goal Setting & Getting to Why
2. Team Building, Networking & Building Strategic Relationships
3. Learning A New Language
4. Developing a Buying Strategy
5. Locating & Sourcing On & Off Market Properties
6. Evaluating the Traps
7. Underwriting (Part #1)
8. Underwriting (Part #2)
9. Exit Planning (Part #1)
10. Exit Planning (Part #2)
11. Exit Planning (Part #3)

12. Offers to Purchase, LOIs, to Contract
13. Due diligence, Physical & Financial
14. Financing the Acquisition
15. Creative Financing Even with No Money or Experience
16. Raising Private Equity
17. Closing the Acquisition
18. Execution Q&A
19. Operational Strategies, Property Management (Part #1)
20. Operational Strategies, Property Management (Part #2)
21. Operational Strategies, Property Management (Part #3)
22. The Difference Between Property & Asset Management

I am excited to begin your 20+ lesson Group Coaching. I am confident by the time we are halfway in you will have enough knowledge to take action toward your first investment opportunity.

These sessions are every Thursday with the exception of holidays at 2:30 pm CST.

During each session, it makes sense to have a journal handy to record all the things we learn as we cover to much and then you can go back and review them later. It’s also a great way to record your thoughts, goals & plans as you’re inspired during the coaching sessions.

During the next several weeks we will cover some of the following topics:

Group Coaching Sessions

I look forward to meeting on Thursday and Beginning our sessions. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,



Here are some FAQ:
What happens If I ever miss a session?

If you are ever unable to attend a session, they are recorded and a link to the private playlist YouTube will be provided so you can review as often as you like, at your convenience.  However, there’s just nothing like the live brainstorming sessions at the end of each call will provide an extra step in your success.

How long is each session?

These sessions will be approximately 45 minutes each leaving time at the end of each call for Q&A, which is super information and enjoyed by everyone.

Is Mike live on every call?

Mike loves the coaching process and loves to be on as many calls as he can. There are guest coaches and amazing other contributors that you will learn from, but you will get to see and hear from Mike a lot!

What about during the week? How do I benefit while I'm not on the weekly call?

There will often be practical assignments given, and you will be entitled to join the private Facebook Group which is a great place for networking and more. At anytime during your membership you have the option to join any level of one on one personal coaching.

Monthly Group Coaching Agreement

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My Approach

  • Prioritizing Personal development
  • Relationship, networking, and team building
  • Locating and sourcing deals
  • Exit planning to maximize any property’s profit deal evaluation
  • Contract and negotiations
  • Financing, due diligence/Closing
  • Operations/management
  • Develop and implement a personally designed Blueprint to simplify your business foundation to provide long-term perpetual wealth.
  • Mindset Goal Setting & Clarity Strategy.
  • One-one-hour group underwriting class, includes a tool to skillfully underwrite any deal.
  • One year of access to the Deal Finder program. This program will help you locate and source the best multi-family properties in your market.
  • One year access to the Due-Diligence Workshop.
  • Personalized Guidance on Building your team and key alliances.


    • Author of Exit Plan
    • Founder/CEO of My Core Intentions
    • Host of Insider Secrets Podcast
    • Real Estate Trainer/Personal Coach

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