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Frequently Asked

Which one to choose between Multi-family & Single-family?

Choosing between Multi-Family and Single-Family is always a tough decision if you have little or no experience in the real estate space. I will empower you to make such decisions easily and by yourself.

What is the right time to Invest?

I am always asked this question, What is the best time to Invest? My answer is that any time is the best time to invest in real estate.

How do I manage properties?

Property management has a big role in real estate. If you lack knowledge about managing properties and aren’t aware of the possibilities that may come up, you can make many mistakes.

Is Coaching worth it?

Of course, coaching is worth it. It helps make your life better by taking help from the experienced person in the space. A coach is someone who understands your weaknesses and strengths. He then utilizes his strategy to overcome your weak points and further your strengths.

Can I do everything on my own?

We often mistake thinking that we know everything and can do it on our own. The fact is that everyone these days needs someone who can guide them and help them become disciplined in personal and professional life.

Online Coaching Resources

Zoom Classes

Online Zoom classes are specially designed to meet your learning goals while maintaining a flexible lifestyle. These classes will empower you to become the best in real estate.

Podcast & Videos

Mike’s Insider Secrets Podcast has a new & experienced guest every week where they discuss sound real estate principles that will help you learn new ideas & techniques.


Mike’s Exit Plan E-book is a complete guide to Multifamily investing, acquisition, and property management. This book has all you need to know about real estate.