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Multifamily Pillars to build on:

  • Designing your portfolio
  • The Anatomy of a Syndication
  • Market Mastery
  • Making sure you are buying what the seller is selling
  • Maximizing Returns

These are the keys to the kingdom. Inside each of these pillars are several moving parts. Building a multifamily syndication business takes a team. This all starts with relationships. Building strong partnerships with brokers, lenders, and others in the industry who are good at specific job functions and systems. Also, of course, there are those relationships with private investors to partner with to share in your profits.

When I am mentoring new multifamily investors, the first thing we talk about is building solid relationships. I also stress that once you decide to be an investor, tell everyone you know and meet what you are doing. Plant the seeds of greatness and share the opportunity for them to build their wealth alongside you.

I welcome a conversation if you are a networker looking to expand your business. Let’s connect and see how we can help each other.