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Market evaluation traps are a key to uncomplicating your multifamily investing journey.

I am a market-driven investor. If the market performance past, present, and future is not growing, I will not even look at a property to purchase.  You could bring me a great deal in a bad market and I would not even burn the calories to look at it. On the other hand, a great market with poor property gives the ability to maximize profit.  

The following market traps are a precursor to burning those calories in the underwriting process. If you can’t check the boxes on the following data for your approval, don’t take the time to underwrite the property.  

  • Population Growth
  • Job Growth
  • Household Income
  • Demographics
  • Crime
  • Schools
  • Employment Diversification
  • Emerging Growth

There are websites and paid data sources to pull this information from. Using these resources to help you evaluate a market before you even look at a property to acquire will save you countless hours of agony.

If you are looking for more information on these and other processes visit my website at and grab a copy of my book Exit Plan.