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Is the Fire Too Hot for You?

MF Investing, Multifamily, Real Estate

When I first entered the real estate business as a residential sales agent, interest rates were just emerging from double digits. Today, they remain historically low, a rarity that may not be seen again for a long time. I remember thinking I wish they were 3%, like when my parents had a mortgage. It took 50 years for them to get to 3% again.

If you wait to purchase for rates to drop, will you wait 50 years again? I think rates will stay at or above 5% for a decade. Now is the time to get off the sidelines and enter the real estate game. I have learned how to make money in real estate when rates are high or low, no matter which political party is in office. Here is some more good news. If you are a passive investor looking for a low rate, I have acquired over 300 units in the last few months at interest rates of 3.6%. If you want to continue your multifamily investment journey, I still have 100 more units to purchase at this historically low rate.

Take advantage of this chance to join the game and secure your financial future. Message me now to learn how you can capitalize on these exclusive off-market deals, generate cash flow, and build long-term wealth.