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Why passive investing has become so sexy among investors looking for ways to grow their wealth without taking on too much risk or actively managing their investments. Passive investing involves investing in a portfolio of assets, such as stocks bonds, and real estate.

Real estate has become even more popular. And if you really look at these real estate options, investing in multifamily has become the darling of the industry. Holding those investments over the long term to capture the overall returns of the market, rather than trying to beat the market through active trading or stock picking.

Investing in apartments can be a great option for passive investors, as it offers the potential for steady rental income (short-term cash flow) and long-term appreciation to build wealth. Benefiting from multiple tax advantages through these appreciating assets.

A key advantage of investing in apartments is the potential for long-term cash flow from the rental income. Unlike stocks, which may or may not pay dividends, rental properties provide a consistent stream of income that can help investors generate wealth over time.

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