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Gary Keller said in his book “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor”,

“The gap between a good deal and a great deal Is a vast chasm created by a lack of wisdom.”

If we could predict the future it would be easy to succeed in the multifamily space. But with over 30 plus years of real estate experience working with investors and coaching investors. During that time, I have discovered five common denominators:

1. Investors possess a continual desire to grow and seek a higher standard of education.

2. Investors demand the best standards, systems, and search criteria.

3. Investors are eager but often allow fear to hold them back.

4. Investors are continually in search of the best real estate purchases.

5. Investors are amazed when they discover the simplicity of investing in large Multi-family complexes.

Education, skills, and desire are the start of creating the future. It comes down to the actions we take and those steps forward to put into play all we have learned. What action will you take today?