Multi-Family Real Estate Coach

Helping You Find Short term Cashflow and Long term Wealth

Personal Life Coaching

Mike is a professional Coach having experience of over 30 years. He is dedicated to helping you achieve your personal and professional goals. Being a successful Coach, Mike evaluates your journey to help overcome the loopholes.

Public Speaking

Mike is committed to changing the lives of others through his experience. Mike is a Public Speaker who has spoken to thousands of people and helped reshape their Multi-Family business & personal lives. Want Mike to speak at your forum?

Helping You Achieve Success

Short Term Cash Flow!
Long Term Wealth!

Mike not only wants you to achieve your short-term cash flow but help you make long-term wealth through sound real estate principles. He has helped his clients achieve a great amount of success in just a short span of time.

Why Real Estate is the best Investment?

Multi-family is better than Single family

The importance of an Exit Plan

The benefits of having a Coach/Mentor


Visualizing your goals motivates you to get out of your comfort zone and build your dream life. Mike emphasizes visualization as it is the starting point of all great success. Setting high goals and being committed to achieving them requires self-discipline & an experienced Coach knows best how to make his students disciplined.


Building connections in the real estate business is essential to growth. An expanded network increases the chances of success in any field, especially in real estate. Mike always says, “Your Network is your net worth”! Mike’s personalized Coaching will enhance your abilities to build strong connections. 


Maintaining a work-life balance is the foundation of living your life to the fullest. Mike’s coaching empowers you not only in real estate but in personal life too. Figuring out the steps required for a maintained lifestyle and implementing those steps is often difficult for any individual. Hiring a great Coach will help you live a balanced and productive life.


Utilizing all the available materials and assets can help you function effectively in the real estate business. One has to be smart enough to outnumber the competition in the marketplace, which is only possible if you use the available resources wisely. The number of available resources is uncountable in this age of technology, which makes it even stiffer to choose the right resource.

What Is Coaching? Who is this Coaching For?

The form of development in which a person hires a professional and experienced person called a Coach – is called Coaching. Anyone who wants to become disciplined and achieve goals they haven’t before in their life, those who have a hard time focusing on their dreams, this Coaching is best for them.



Mike explained in detail the options to obtain a down payment and financing. Also, the different types of funding for capital stakings like Mezzanine Gap and Bridge Loans. The one thing is there is never enough time to cover everything. I will have to take the class again.

Cindy Lyons

I have taken this class twice now and learned more the second time. The wealth of knowledge is priceless. I was worried about how to manage more than one or two properties but now that I have standards in place and strategies to operate by it will be a breeze.

Anthony Brown

I took the class to gain all the necessary knowledge to make the transition from single-family properties to multi-family. Mike makes the comment it is no more difficult to buy 200 units than it is to buy 20. I am just going to go and buy something. 

Beauty of Multi-Family Real Estate

Understanding Multi-Family

Through personalized Coaching classes, Mike explains tremendously the concepts of Multi-family real estate and its worth. Mike makes the transition from single-family to multi-family units extremely simple.

Multi-Family Acquisitions

Acquiring multi-family properties is always hard if you have little or no experience at all. Having the right strategy in place to invest in the right property is essential for achieving profits.

Property Management

The illusion that property management is difficult stops most people from becoming property managers. The reality is otherwise if you talk to someone who knows the insights of property management.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Mike says, “There is always an opportunity in the market, you just need to go out there and get it. Any time is a good time to buy real estate”. His knowledge helps you design a system and plan by simplifying it to help you grow your business. To provide you with easy concepts, easy steps, easy strategies & ways for you to build your business Mike covers it all. He will teach you techniques that give you an edge over any competition. Walk a little more cautiously, get the education and let help Mike help you.

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