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Practical knowledge to execute on and expand your real estate investing and property management business, on your own. If you are motivated and ready, then this hands-on home study course is for you.

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Personal Coaching

During my tenure coaching I have participated in over 5,000 coaching calls with real estate investors there seem to be three topics that continue to surface. Let’s look at how each of these come up for the real estate, multi-family investor.

Public Speaking

Mike has spoken to thousands of people and helped reshape their and professional life.  If you want your audience to be impacted by a story of resilience hire Mike today.

Helping You Achieve Success

Short-Term Cash Flow and Long-Term Wealth!

Teaching sound real estate principles and values have helped Mike coach his clients to greatness.  Whether you and an active or passive investor these principals result in creating generational wealth to leave a legacy.

Why Real Estate is the greatest Investment?

How does multifamily out performs other type's of real estate investing?

What is the importance of having an exit plan?

How does having a coach increase your business growth 20% or more annually?

How does passive investing increase your foundation for retirement?


Visualizing your goals motivates you to get out of your comfort zone and build your dream life. Mike emphasizes visualization as it is the starting point of all great success. Setting high goals and being committed to achieving them requires self-discipline & an experienced Coach knows best how to make his students disciplined.


Mastering this process is one of the keys to understanding multifamily acquisitions and operations. The math never lies. During this process, you learn well how to locate the best markets, and properties and gain a clear understanding of how to build an exit plan. Learn to analyze the financials of any property or asset class and equip yourself with the skills to deliver the details for any syndication to potential equity partners in the capital raising process.


Raising capital is the responsibility of every member of a successful team. When engaged in a strategic coaching process to raise capital you will learn multiple systems to attract qualified investors. How to build strategic relationships to last a lifetime. You will receive the scripts and dialogues to help communicate with potential investors with confidence. Having a powerful message to communicate is a skill to embrace.


I have realized coaching thousands of individuals has been how we think is critical to one’s success. Overcoming fears happens by identifying your strengths, understanding, engaging in the process, and building confidence in your delivery. Accountability creates power in our daily activities. Engaging in performance coaching will help your personal growth. Professional and business growth occur while we grow personally.

What Is Coaching?
Who is this Coaching For?

The form of development in which a person hires a professional and experienced person called a Coach – is called Coaching. Anyone who wants to become disciplined and achieve goals they haven’t before in their life, those who have a hard time focusing on their dreams, this Coaching is best for them.

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The 2024 MultiFamily Summit is the place to be this fall for all Multi-Family professionals and beginners. Check out the industry leaders as they spend 2 full days training you on the latest trends, how to get started, and what you need to know.

Mike Morawski's Multi Family Summit 2024

Check out Mike’s Books!

Exit Plan and Winning Strategies are both excellent books that you’ll want to add to your library as you are growing your multi-family real estate portfolio. They are practical and filled with insights from Mike’s many years of experience.



I wanted to say that since I’ve been back from FOF, I’ve been taking some serious action on what I learned. I’ve been re-listening to all my recordings from FOF.. esp the one from John Maxwell speaking about finding someone “bigger, smarter, wiser and more successful” than I am. When I was thinking about who I would want that person to be.. I thought of you. I feel like I found a genuine friend in you and I’m incredibly grateful that we connected. I’m also impressed by your wealth of knowledge and your passion for helping others. And I would like to know and learn more from you.

I believe your mentorship would be invaluable in helping me achieve my goals. Would you consider being my mentor and guiding me on this journey to grow? I don’t need an answer right away, as I know you have a busy schedule but if you could take some time to consider it. I would be so very grateful!

Howard Chen

Thank you for giving me a copy of your book “Exit Plan”! I really enjoyed reading it, I read a few multi family books but they don’t go into details like this. I think it has the most depth in multi family investing. Can I ask you a few questions from the book?

Thank you for sending me the Multi Family language course. It’s nice to learn about this interesting industry. Thank you! By the way, what’s the difference between Ultra Classic and Ultra Limited?

Did Harley stop making CVO on Ultras? They only have CVO on Road Glides and Street Glides on their website.

Seth Williams

Over the past 2 years, I have worked with Mike on improving my home staging business ranging from sales to HR related issues. Not only have I benefitted greatly in terms of increased sales, but I have also benefitted greatly in my overall mindset. He has had a profound impact on my progress towards becoming a better marketer and salesman, and I would highly recommend Mike to anybody looking for substantial gains in their business or personal life. I am grateful to say Mike has become a trusted mentor and friend of mine.

Mike Erickson

Pleasure to meet you last night in Eau Claire.  I greatly appreciate you coming and spending the time with the group.  It was actually my first time attending that event so apparently, I couldn’t have picked a better first time.  I was the individual who was sitting right up front and closest to you (which resulted in me being “winning” a copy of your book).

I’d be interested in connecting with you on your coaching model.  Are you on an hourly basis, retainer basis, annual?  Just trying to understand that a bit more in hopes to engage with you and build some direction for a buddy of mine and I who are looking to jump into multi-family real estate. Again, thanks much for your time and let me know if you have a few minutes to connect.

Cindy Lyons

I have taken this class twice now and learned more the second time. The wealth of knowledge is priceless. I was worried about how to manage more than one or two properties but now that I have standards in place and strategies to operate by it will be a breeze.


Thank you! Great presentation. It always amazes me the different ways to make money in this industry and I am glad people like you are willing to share your stories and tips.

Anthony Brown

I took the class to gain all the necessary knowledge to make the transition from single-family properties to multi-family. Mike makes the comment it is no more difficult to buy 200 units than it is to buy 20. I am just going to go and buy something.


Mike explained in detail the options to obtain a down payment and financing. Also, the different types of funding for capital stackings like Mezzanine Gap and Bridge Loans. The one thing is there is never enough time to cover everything. I will have to take the class again.

The Beauty of Multi-Family Real Estate

Understanding Multi-Family

Through personalized Coaching classes, Mike explains tremendously the concepts of Multi-family real estate and its worth. Mike makes the transition from single-family to multi-family units extremely simple.

Multi-Family Acquisitions

Acquiring multi-family properties is always hard if you have little or no experience at all. Having the right strategy in place to invest in the right property is essential for achieving profits.

Property Management

The illusion that property management is difficult stops most people from becoming property managers. The reality is otherwise if you talk to someone who knows the insights of property management.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Mike says, “There is always an opportunity in the market, you just need to go out there and get it. Any time is a good time to buy real estate”. His knowledge helps you design a system and plan by simplifying it to help you grow your business. To provide you with easy concepts, easy steps, easy strategies & ways for you to build your business Mike covers it all. He will teach you techniques that give you an edge over any competition. Walk a little more cautiously, get the education and let help Mike help you.

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